Made In Heaven brings you exclusive editorial for each single included in the Messenger Of The Gods:

‘Made In Heaven’/‘She Blows Hot And Cold’ (1985)

Freddie selected one of the most Queen-like songs from Mr Bad Guy for his fourth solo single, the soaring ballad ‘Made In Heaven’. While much of his debut solo album embraced electronic dance music, ‘Made In Heaven’ was in a style more familiar to Queen fans. Like the rest of the album, it was recorded in Munich: Freddie loved the freedom offered by the city, joking that it was perfect “apart from the fact that everyone speaks German!”

A rousing paean to fate, the song sees Freddie putting his lot in destiny’s hands, rolling with the punches, accepting pain as part of life – that both the good and the bad are vital. (“I’m taking my ride with destiny, willing to play my part, living with painful memories, loving with all my heart.”) He sings of learning to pay the price, but also of playing his part in history; you can’t be all you want to be unless you’re prepared to get hurt. Freddie’s operatic vocal soars above his piano, itself encircled by glorious Fairlight strings, backed by a full rock band. “Bombastic” barely covers it.

David Mallet’s accompanying video was equally extravagant, positioning Freddie, dressed in black-and-red bondage, atop an explosive rocky outcrop and surrounded by ballet dancers, as though rising up from the depths of hell. As Freddie brings down torrents of rain, the rock opens to reveal the blue earth, with Freddie on top, before he takes his curtain call.

After Mercury’s death, the remaining members of Queen created a new version of the song, which, fittingly, gave its name to their final studio album.

Paul McGuinness